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Update on Beasts of Burden #1 And Upcoming Appearances

So, Beasts of Burden #1 has been printed, and Dark Horse has their initial copies of the book, as you can see in this photo of the DHC break room taken today.  So, folks, the book exists. It will ship next week and will be in stores that ordered it next Wednesday. 

On a related note, the Major Spoilers site has just posted the Dark Horse solicitations for December 2009, which includes Beasts of Burden #4.

Here's the cover for #4, which Jill did a bang-up job on:

Finally, here's information on the appearances I'll be doing this weekend in MA and (along with Jill) next week in NYC:

Friday, Sept 11th
Evan Dorkin
Modern Myths 7th Anniversay Party
Northampton, MA

Saturday, Sept 12th
Evan Dorkin
Modern Myths
Northampton, MA

Wednesday, Sept 16th
Jill Thompson and Evan Dorkin - Beasts of Burden #1 release party
Comic Book Jones
Staten Island, NY
6-9 pm

Saturday, Sept 19th
Jill Thompson and Evan Dorkin - Beasts of Burden #1 release party
Bergen Street Comics
Brooklyn, NY

If all goes well, I may have advance copies of #1 to show at the Modern Myths signings.

Jill Thompson will be giving away promo prints at the NYC appearances (I assume that's a "first come, first serve, while supplies last" kinda deal). I'll be doing free quickie sketches if anybody wants one, Jill will likely doodle stuff as well, but I can't speak for her. Feel free to bring stuff from home to get signed,  but please consider buying a comic or something at the various shops to help support the retailers who put these events together.  I haven't done many signings in the past decade, and I've never done anything quite like an actual release party, so, I'm hoping some of you folks will try to come out and show some support. If nothing else, come out and see Jill and buy a nifty little comic book. I think you'll like it.

And please spread the word if you can. Thanks in advance.

Tags: appearances, beasts of burden, bergen street comics, comic book jones, jill thompson, modern myths
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