Evan Dorkin (evandorkin) wrote,
Evan Dorkin

Another Free Beasts of Burden Story

The third Beasts of Burden short story, "Let Sleeping Dogs Lie", has been posted to the Dark Horse Comics website. You can read the 16-page story by Jill Thompson and I here

It was originally published in The Dark Horse Book of the Dead in 2005, and is a sequel to the second Beasts story, which had the witch coven and the familiars and the one witch cat that got away. And it has zombie dogs. I know you're probably sick of zombies, but these are dogs, and they're cute little brain munchers. And icky. Well, only the little fluffy zombie dog is cute and icky, the others are just icky. 

This is apparently the end of the freebies. The last of the anthologized stories won't be made available online, for that you'll have to wait and maybe pick up the collection sometime down the road. But right now you've got three free stories to read on the site to prep you for next week's release of Beasts of Burden #1, and that ain't bad.

For those who haven't indulged, here they are with links.


The Unfamiliar

Let Sleeping Dogs Lie

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