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Comic Book Jones Signing Re-Cap

Quick thanks to the folks at Comic Book Jones here on Satan Island for hosting Jill Thompson and I last night. We signed a lot of copies of Beasts of Burden #1 and Jill drew some beautiful sketches for the people who showed up. I drew some awkward things, sitting next to someone who actually knows how to draw is pretty fucking humbling...

Things went well, we didn't have a huge crowd but we had a constant group and most folks bought their books, got them signed, picked up Jill's free Beasts print, and skedaddled. And there was drama, Diamond effed up and didn't deliver nine boxes of comics and product (9!) to the shop on new comic day, including most of their copies of Beasts of Burden. Way to go, Diamond. But Bergen Street Comics in Brooklyn helped out with back-up copies of Beasts, and all went smoothly as far as the signing went. I felt bad for the Jones boys because customers showing up for their new books had very few new books to pick up, and had to be told to come back tomorrow for the rest. Ridiculous.

But we moved issues, and sold a few of our old books, and had a great time. Emily ran around the store and drew Milk and Cheese pictures and read the new Johnny Boo book by James Kochalka. Which we also took home. Waffle gave me a 60's Star Trek Viewmaster set. We had some food afterward, and booze was offered, but since I was driving, I stuck with the life-affirming Coca-Cola. We got home pretty late and Emily conked out.

Tom and Amy from Bergen Street Comics came by in support, and Jill and I will be doing our last appearance at their shop this Saturday night, with members of the Jones Family Clan in attendance. Looks to be a lot of fun. We might not have a formal table set up Saturday, but rest assured Jill and I will be available for sketches and signings.

I hope those of you who picked up Beasts of Burden #1 enjoyed it. Thanks again to Socko and Tiger and tha gang at Jones, thanks to those who came out in the crappy weather for the signing. And thanks to everyone on the web who have been plugging the book, it's appreciated. I haven't seen such decent word of mouth on anything I've been involved with for some time, if ever, since the interweb age began. Jill and I have been doing a lot of interviews, I'm sitting on three more for the end of this week, one for a non-comics source that sounds like it could be nifty. I'm not used to this sort of thing, I'm not kidding myself, I realize this is all small-time, insular stuff, but it's somewhat heady. For me, at least, based on the web response my last few comics had received. I didn't do this much press for the Eltingville pilot, which is kind of depressing, come to think about it. Whatever. It's been a pretty good week, it'll be over Sunday, so I'm trying to enjoy it while I can.

Speaking of enjoyment, I hope the series lives up to whatever expectations anyone might have of it.  Like I've said, it isn't earth-shattering or art or anything, it's a straightforward comic book, and we hope folks like it and get there three bucks worth out of it.
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