Evan Dorkin (evandorkin) wrote,
Evan Dorkin

Baltimore In One Week

Time flies when you're thinking of typing cliches. Can't believe the Baltimore Con is next week. So totally not ready.

Anybody going? We've never done the show before but have heard really good things about it. Looks like it's mostly a mainstream-oriented show, Top Shelf is setting up, that seems to be about as quirky as it gets. But there are some nifty folks on the guest list, and there's some really cool mainstream industry vets scheduled to appear, like Walt Simonson, Joe Kubert and Nick Cardy. It also appears that Baltimore is a "comic book" con, like Heroes Con, no wrestlers or Star Wars extras. I'm okay with the circus shows, and I can enjoy them, but I do like an honest-to-gosh comic book convention.  Heroes was swell, so, we'll see what Baltimore brings. Maybe some back issue kid's comics for Emily if anyone's got them, she's hooked on the Dark Horse Harvey comics reprints like crazy..

We're supposed to have a booth at the show, supposedly near the Dark Horse Comics set-up. We're bringing our old SLG books and the new DHC comic and some artwork and some pens to sign stuff with. Feel free to stop by and say hi.

It's our last scheduled show of the year, hopefully it'll be fun. If nothing else, we hope to take Em around to see a few touristy things. Not going to Poe's house. She's more into Ambrose Bierce, anyway.


Tags: appearances, baltimore con, please let our car make it there and bac

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