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Beasts of Burden #4 Preview

You can see the cover and the first three pages of BofB #4 here on the Dark Horse Comics Website.

In other "news" - I think I might be mouthing off with Dan Vado again for the entire hour on the SLG Radio Show this Thursday, I'll post about it later this week if it's definitely happening. It's been a lot of fun talking with Dan, or yelling at Dan, or whatever it is you want to call what I do (immature, misinformed outbursts --?) on the show these past few weeks. We're hoping to get some callers, even though most folks who listen in do so via the archives. Anyway, there's that.

Otherwise...weird day. Got some pages approved by Bongo. Saw friends of ours on the cover of a new DVD release. Odd stuff on Twitter. Interesting project dangled before my eyes (and the eyes of others, but can't say who, what, where or how in the hell --?). And I received a surprise gift in the mail of some DVDs I wanted and could not afford. Overall a happening bunch of hours.

Which means...

Something bad is definitely going to happen.

It must be some kind of a set-up.

I smell a rat.

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