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What Did You Like In 2009?

I needed some sort of LJ entry to call the Absorbing Man commentary closed. It was fun, and we'll do more of that sort of thing when time allows, but I had to finally leave the bar and go home, if you know what I mean.

That being said --one interesting thing I noticed in the previous discussion (besides how many of you know a lot about Carl "Crusher" Creel, The Absorbing Man (tm)) -- in all the comments made, not one person, as far as I can recall, made any mention of the drawing I posted. I point this out not to goad anyone into giving praise or an opinion on the drawing (especially if it's along the lines of, "it stinks") but because it's a good illustration of an aspect of my career that used to bother me a lot, and doesn't so much now. Basically, my writing often merits a response of some sort, my drawing does not, or rarely does. Let me stress that I'm gratified anything I put out there gets some sort of response out of folks out there. Secondly, I'm not a creator who issues art books or sketchbooks or puts out prints, I know what I am and I know what my drawings look like, I know what my art sells for (or doesn't sell for), and I know where I stand in the scheme of things, cartooning-wise. I've also learned to deal with the fact that humor cartoonists often are perceived as either funny or not funny, and that's pretty much the extent of the feedback unless you are a super-sharp, important satirist like Feiffer (he's funny), or a super-skilled draftsman, like, well, I'd offer up Richard Thompson as a modern example (and he's funny). it's just something that really struck me on this occasion and I felt like discussing it. So, this honestly isn't a cry for attention, or for a pep talk, I'm in a good mood (except for a headache and anxiety over finances, but otherwise, yeah, I really am) and I like the drawing just fine and am glad the last post entertained a bunch of people, myself included. I wish I had time to finish my Mole Man drawing, or the damned Mad Thinker and his Awesome Android piece that I never quite nailed down some months back. Among the several others I started and had to toss in a pile. I will, though, and we'll talk.

In the meantime -- this shit year's almost over, and this shit decade's almost over. Yay. Feel free to toss out the names of some comics you enjoyed this past year. I'm so backed up my list would be somewhat dated (I'm a year or three behind on a lot of stuff: I just read Paris, by Andi Watson and Simon Gane and really liked it, ditto The War at Ellesmere by Faith Erin Hicks, both from my home publisher, SLG. I just picked up the Doug Wright book in April while doing a signing at Bergen Street Comics. I finally read The Rabbi's Cat this year, borrowed from the library --it's great, btw -- just finally catching up with Richard Thompson's great Cul De Sac strip). I loved The Toon Treasury of Children's Comics. Popeye vol 4 just dropped, essential. Hellboy Library vol 3, beautiful stuff. I liked The Simpsons #50 by Sergio Aragones. I mainly read books I get from publishers I'm working for. I admit it. Haven't read Asterios Polyp, it's on a shelf. Haven't yet read The Hunter by Darwyn Cooke. Want to read the new Sacco book. Haven't read Love and Rockets vol 2, series 3, chapter 7, or whatever they call it now. I'm behind on various and sundry Gilbert Hernandez books. Haven't picked up the Rex Morgan book. Haven't read this year's Dick Tracy or Little Orphan Annie volumes, they're on a shelf. Fell behind on the Peanuts books. Haven't read A Drifting Life, yet, it's by my bed, along with Blackjack vol 7-8 or 20 or whatever. I'm ignorant of practically every comic on the web, I admit it, I have no bias against the format or delivery mechanism, I just have no time to stay in touch with any web strips, and I also don't love reading comics off my monitor. or any monitor. I get a headache. Especially if the comic has elves.

Oh, I am enjoying the Steve Ditko pre-code collection from FBI, crazy, pulpy, great junky stuff. I read some of the wonked-out Jack Kirby Losers comics in the book DC put out this year. Can't remember anything else off the top of my head, I know I've read and enjoyed more than that. Oh, well, no big deal. This isn't my job, and I'm not a goddamned professional critic. What I remember is what I remember, so screw it. The list stops there.

Anyway, what did you read and like (and remember) in 2009? What did you not like? What did you hate? What did you avoid like the plague, what drove you crazy, what disappointed, what surprised, what are you looking forward to next year in funnybook-land?

I didn't see any 2009 movies or tv shows (other than what we worked on), or read any recent books, or watch any wrestling, or play any new video games or pinball machines (if Stern produced any). I did listen to some music from the last year, but it was all on WFMU.org or on MP3's, and I'd have to hunt around to make a list that was longer than songs by The Electric Six, The Thermals, The Ettes, The Black Hollies (was the Night Marchers CD released last year or this year? The last Ladytron CD --2008? The Knife --that's old, right --?) and that's where my memory quits as far as tunes go.

Okay, your turn:
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