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So, the hits just keep on coming this December. During Saturday's snowstorm an NYC Sanitation Truck smacked a utility pole across the street from our house, yanking out our power line. Miraculously, our power remained on, unfortunately, this happened at 2 am and kept us up until after 6 am, with cameos from the Fire Department, Con Ed, a Sanitation Dept Supervisor, and an earth mover to clear snow so the Con Ed truck could manage the hill and get the power line repaired. One idiot in a truck managed to hit the power line, ignoring the truck guarding it (also, stuck in the ice). I found myself clearing our steps at 5 am with a gardening shovel, because, oh ha ha, we had no shovel, stupid me forgot pours broke last year and we hadn't replaced it. I didn't want the Con Ed worker falling down the steps as the firemen and I had (I hit my head on the downed power line retaining box twice, but didn't get any electrical super powers. No luck, I tell you). So, fun up the ass, there, just as Sarah's root canal pain died down and a few family-spawned nightmares developed.

Further fun -- I couldn't get out of here on Sunday because of the snow, and had to make do with the gardening shovel to clear our walk. My back is now spasming like a worm orgy on a white-hot skillet as a result of the weekend, and my arms feel like someone played Stretch Armstrong with them, forgetting they aren't rubber. You know those cartoonists who hit the wights and are in great shape? All dozen or three of them? I'm not one of them. As it pained me to realize, yet again. Fucking ouch, man. Fucking ouch.

And yesterday - some scumbag parks his car in front of our cleared garage and goes to work, leaving the car for at least ten hours. So, we couldn't get our car out of the garage. And if you're familiar with Satan Island (my sympathies), you need your car if you have plans. Called 311, no help. I did get to shovel some more with the glorified two-handed spade. Why didn't I write a note last year: "Shovel broken. You live in NYC. Might need another one. Seriously, consider buying a new shovel."?

And today -- well, we found out we're writing a good-sized check tomorrow,  to an electrician, to fix the damage to the house and power lines. And we're putting in a claim for the damage with the city. But even if we get the money quickly (ha ha), this is a seriously big swift kick in the teeth, after several swift shots to the head and kidneys this year. We simply cannot catch a fucking break. I was going to say at least we have our health, but...that's kind of debatable. At least our daughter has her health. There. Good.

In other news:

I'll be on SLG Radio tomorrow, Wednesday, at 5 pm EST instead of Thursday. Dan Vado and I will yell at one another for an hour about whatever the hell crops up. Maybe I'll throw myself off a building during the podcast, that might actually get a few listeners to the archives.

Beasts of Burden #4
ships tomorrow to various comic shops. And then we're done, at least for now. My thanks to everyone out there who picked up the series, gave it a try, gave it some ink or helped spread the word online. It's all been appreciated. This really has been a pet project of mine (sorry), and the response from the readers has been incredibly gratifying. If all goes well, we hope to have some good news on further material sometime next year, fingers crossed. And we'll definitely have a collection of the first 8 stories out mid-2010. I think Jill and I made some good comics, I really do. I hope we get to make some more. Hope #4 works okay for you folks who will be picking it up, thanks again.

This decade can't end soon enough. Honestly.
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