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Our E-Bay Auctions End Tomorrow, But More Importantly...

Here's the listing for the Lois Lane page we're selling. I liked it and wanted to share it with you folks as another example of my dopey fanboy writing. See, I get bored writing e-bay listings so I sometimes editorialize or at least kibbitz a little. Most items don't allow for much fun (This is a camera, thanks for looking), but a Curt Swan Lois Lane page filled with WTF definitely does.

In this case:

So...what we have here is Superman's Girlfriend, Lois Lane...making out with Comet the Super Horse in human form. Yep. Years before the craze for superhero depravity and creepiness came into being, DC broached the subject of bestiality. DC editorial is probably kicking themselves that they can't claim quasi-animal relations as a daring first or a shocking plot point. Then again, for all I know Beppo the Super Monkey is getting it on with Black Canary and the Huntress in the DCU these days. Don't write in with DC continuity information, folks, thanks but no thanks. Anyway, in the days before "mature superhero comics" the kids got this sort of thing. I'm looking at it again and I still can't get my head wrapped around it. Especially this bit: "This is wild! Maybe he is a superhorse, but this handsome human identity of his really turns me on." I dunno. Maybe Wertham was right. Lois getting turned on by a stud was penciled by Curt Swan, inked by Mike Esposito. 10 1/2" x 16" on board, drawn and approved by bored, jaded, possibly well-oiled DC Comics editors in 1969. Art will be shipped in sturdy and secure packaging. As the great Jack Kirby once said, "Don't ask -- just buy it!"

Lois loves Superhorse

Our latest auctions end tomorrow. My sincere thanks to everyone who looked at our stuff and extra-thanks to those who were able to bid. 
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