Evan Dorkin (evandorkin) wrote,
Evan Dorkin

More H.O.F. E-Bay Auctions

Hey, folks, we've tossed another batch of items up on e-bay as we continue the culling.

This time up it's mostly small original art pieces I've done, odds and ends for Mad Magazine, a few small Milk and Cheese trading card pieces, a lot of Dork "Fun" strips that weren't done as a full page, and a few rough layouts done for the ill-fated Metal Men series. We're also listing our last Archie page for sale (for now, at least, and it's a cover piece), and some toys.

The new listings can be found here.

Thanks for looking, thanks for bidding.

Remember: These auctions are Fly-approved.
Tags: archie comics, dork, e-bay, mad magazine, metal men, milk and cheese, the fly approves!

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