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More H.O.F. Art On eBay

We've put up five new pieces for auction: original art pages from Bill and Ted's Excellent Comic, Hellboy: Weird Tales, a Batman/Superman page from the first Bizarro Comics anthology (script by Ivan Brunetti), a Milk and Cheese trading card production 'cel" and a pin-up of the Marvel villain The Scorpion (as seen below). All starting at reasonable prices (imo).

You can see the auctions here.

We plan to put more items up throughout the month, fyi. Magazines, fanzines, comics, mini-comics, 70's NYC Seuling comic con programs, probably some toys, possibly some H.O.F. zippos and most likely more art. As always, thanks for looking, and we hope you see something you like during our February cull.

Though tired, the Fly still approves.
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    Over and done.

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