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H.O.F. Miscellaneous

Sarah and I will be appearing at Heroes Con this June, along with a lot of swell folks from the mainstream and indy trenches, I've mentioned this before but now it's official.

I am working on a few things and wish I could tell you about them. Honest. Soon, hopefully.

I was also offered, and accepted, a sorta odd gig, at least odd for me. Nothing too exciting, just sorta odd.

We couldn't get an introduction for the Beasts of Burden hardcover because of circumstances and schedules -- we had someone very cool who was willing but it fell to scheduling matters. We might have a nice back cover quote. I dunno.

Speaking of the hardcover, here's the first look at the cover design on Amazon. This is an early placeholder design, but a good indication of what's happening over there in Dark Horse's design department. Scott Allie has been telling me I'll be very happy with the design work he's seen so far, I just wish it was ready for Jill and I to look at because I'm anxious/excited as hell. It's my first hardcover collection, I admit it, I'm a nervous wreck something will go horribly wrong, like they'll print several D&D modules by accident. Vault of the Drow or something.

We have some more stuff up on e-Bay of possible interest,  prototypes of the Zippo lighters Smoke King/Flame Rite produced in the 90's. We ended up with a number of one-of-a-kind prototypes while we were testing colors and finishes. So, we needed up with odd one-off Zippos of Milk and Cheese, The Devil Puppet and Georgina Riley from the Murder Family, and there's no reason for us to have two dozen or so lighters around. We're keeping a few of the prototypes but will likely sell off what's left over in the coming days.

Had a lot of fun talking with Dan Vado and Landry Walker on yesterday's SLG Radio show.

My first official slip-and-fall on ice took place today at about 5:30 pm. I was saved from potential serious injury by falling on the garbage bag I was carrying. How can I throw it out now after it saved my life? I closed my eyes while dumping it in the garbage can. I can still hear it, calling to me...

Not getting a lot of reading done lately, too much to do. I've been going through some Warren Creepy horror comics since acquiring two volumes of the Dark Horse archives. Emily's been reading a ton of Little Lulu, so we've all been reading a ton of Little Lulu. She shouts "yow" a lot. It's pretty funny. Thankfully she's stopped yelling "Baw!" when she's upset. Finished up the two Rex Libris trades by James Turner (SLG Publishing) and thoroughly enjoyed them. They should've done better, funny, cool, smart stuff. I'd read more if there were more. Also slowly going through an anthology of "continental mystery stories", 19th century spook and dagger stuff from European-type places, some of which have different names these days. Enjoying it, hope to get back to it soon.

Whoops - dinner's ready!

All for now!
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