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Sorry my posts of late have mainly consisted of e-Bay auction alerts, things have been busy, we're getting a lot done, in-between shoveling and parenting, and culling the coffers is one of the things we're concentrating on right now.  I can't actually discuss most of the projects I'm working on until I'm given the high sign by the publishers, so, nothing much to report there for the time being. Oh, I did do a few illustrations for Mad #503, did I mention that already? And I sold a 2-page script to Bongo for the Bart Simpson book. I also have something I wrote scheduled for MySpace Dark Horse Presents, can't say much more than that, I guess.

Dark Horse did send Jill Thompson and I a batch of the design work for the Beasts of Burden hardcover today, that was cool. I think it's looking pretty swell, it's going to be a nice package. We were able to use some nice quotes some nice folks said about our nice book. I got to see the sketchbook section, most of which I've seen before, but there were some nifty page layouts and pencils by Jill I hadn't. My afterword isn't terribly stupid or lame, just lame enough.

Anyway, we do have more stuff from the H.O.F. vault up on e-Bay, in addition to the zippos. None of our own stuff, this time, just stuff we collected, including all seven issues of Comic Art Magazine, a bunch of issues of Illustration Magazine, some rare mini comics (including Dash Shaw's Love Eats Brains 1-3, Marc Bell's Mojo Action Companion Unit), some 90's issues of John Porcellino's King Cat), a rare David Mazzucchelli story in D&Q vol 2, Phil Sueling NYC comic con booklets with head sketches from several 70's-era creators, some toys, blah blah blah. Some of the comics I have doubled up in collections (Porcellino, Henderson), some I just don't need to have in a box I never look at. It's all gotta go! Clearance!

You can check out the latest auctions here.

And as a "thank you" for your patience and support, here's a sketch of The Wrecker, yelling "Blaaaaa!" like Brock Lesnar. It's not much, but it's all I have at the moment. And, hey, it's The Wrecker.  

As always, these auctions are "fly-approved".

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