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Last minute ebay reminder and dizzy update

I forgot to plug our latest HOF e-Bay auctions, which are ending in a few hours. Better late than whatever.

Anyway, four more 1-of-a-kind HOF Zippo prototypes are up for grabs (a Devil Puppet on black variation, three Murder Family/Georgina lighters with finish variations and different art shots), I think we have one more set of prototypes (all unique variations) left to put up, this is the last Devil Puppet proto and what's left are more Murder Family (those kept getting redone) and one more M&C. Iirc.

Also on auction are the last of the HOF moleskin covers Sarah made with the custom fabric she designed, three Milk and Cheese covers and two featuring the monsters drawings I do (and which are now up on Flikr). Sarah won't be making any more of these, so, if you ever wanted one, now's your last opportunity.

Otherwise...we've been busy, I finished up the first of two "secret one-shot comic scripts" and am trying to finish up an introduction for a reprint collection by tonight. Started working on the second "secret script", and am penciling a 15-pager for Bongo. The latest issue of Mad has four little spot illos Sarah and I did...I think that's everything going on right now, which is fine, because I'm feeling really overwhelmed. Very happy to have the work, just really crunched.

I'm also loopy because of some cruddy medicine I've had to take today, and the dietary restrictions I'm on in preparation for a medical procedure I'm having done tomorrow. I'm pretty anxious because while its not a big deal, I've been very lucky to have been able to avoid hospitals my whole life except for x-rays, a few stitches in a finger and a short stay in a wheelchair and on an exam table while I was temporarily paralyzed. But nothing invasive or necessitating my going to sleep. And since I'm a nervous and paranoid sort, I'm...nervous and paranoid. And hungry and dizzy.

At least today I have an excuse. About the dizziness, I mean.
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