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Vote for Jill Thompson in The Scream Awards

My Beasts of Burden cohort (and all-around super-talented cartoonista) Jill Thompson was nominated for a Spike TV Scream Award (The Event Honoring The Most Popular Best In Sci-FI, Fantasy, Horror & Comics), which I've been meaning to mention here for some time (sometimes you tweet about something and forget to blog it). She's been tapped as a nominee in the "Best Comic Book Artist" category, which makes sense, because if she was nominated for "Best TV Show" that would make no goddamned sense at all.

Pretty swell news, even if this is an awards program with categories such as "Best Mutilation Scene" and is about as compelling to me, personally, as a Wizard Magazine article on chicks in comics. Still, props to Jill for the nod, for the press, and for possibly having her name mentioned on the great god television (for all I know Spike bumps the comic book categories to a rote list, like technical awards in other programs). 

She's up against some tough competition, some very talented people, all on higher-profile projects than our little dog and horror show. So, yeah, I hate to use another dog pun, but, underdog, anyone? Still, maybe everyone will split the vote. Or just vote Batman, as is often the case (not knocking J.H. Williams one bit). Hey, the nomination is reward enough, though, right? That's what I hear the Best Mutilation Scene losers told the European Press last year.  

Jill has also been nominated for the Lulu of the Year award in this year's Friends of Lulu awards, just announced. So, you can vote for her there, as well.  And a lot of other folks. Maybe even for Batman. There is no Best Mutilation Scene award in the Lulus, I hate to tell you, although comics sure do bring the mutilation these days. Best Ovulation Scene, maybe? Oh, hardy har har.

So -- vote for Jill, she's my friend and it's free press for our Little Book That Might, Beasts of Burden. Vote early! Vote often! (you can! WTF --?!)

And remember -- Batman has more than enough trophies in his stupid play-cave! And Alfred has enough shit to do without having to clean more crap! Give Alfred a fucking break! Vote Jill!
Tags: batman, beasts of burden, best mutilation scene, jill thompson, scream awards

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