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A Few Things

Here's my schedule for tomorrow's Brooklyn Comics and Graphics Festival:

3-4: Signing
4-5: Panel: When Comics Were New
5-6: Signing

The signings will be at the Picturebox tables. The panel is being re-purposed, unfortunately Irwin Hasen, who was the focus of the talk, has bowed out due to feeling under the weather. As it stands now, the panel will now basically be Paul Pope, Dan Nadel and myself open-mike kibitzing about comics while we all look at slides of various cartoonists' work. Sounds like it could be fun, certainly the three folks involved have opinions on this and that, we'll see what happens.

I'm planning on bringing some artwork and some comics which will be made available during the signings. I'm packing up copies of the Simpsons' Treehouse of Horror, individual issues of Beasts of Burden and the Hellboy/Beasts of Burden crossover, possibly a copy or two of the Beasts of Burden hard cover, and a few odds and ends from my SLG output. I haven't received my comps of the Liberty Comics Annual yet, apparently Image dropped the ball on that and the CBLDF is stepping in to get those out to contributors. So, I won't have any of those on hand. I think that's everything, book-wise. Oh, I also might bring some HOF items along, we still have some book marks, buttons and pencil cases left. I'm not sure how things will be set up and what I can display without making a logistical mess of things.

I think that covers tomorrow's doings. Hope some of you will be there, it looks to be a cool event. I may even be able to attend a panel or two for the first time in ages. Or I'll just sabotage Jim Rugg's table all day, I dunno.  I'm thinking about becoming a Convention Gremlin as part of my new heel persona.


I finished up a guest cover for a DHC comic yet to be announced.

The Super-Martian-Robot-Girl strips are all done for the Oni Yo Gabba Gabba! anthology (I may have posted that already, sorry).

I'll be appearing/signing at Comic Book Jones on Dec 18th as part of their 3rd anniversary celebration. Not sure who else will be appearing, I'll have links and info asap.

I've been told by a reliable source at Dark Horse Comics that the second printing of the Beasts of Burden: Animal Rites hardcover arrives at Diamond on 12/7, and will be in stores that ordered it on 12/14.  So it's a potential gift item after all. Maybe. .

Speaking of Beasts of Burden, I'm currently working on the script for a new short story for 2011. And maybe some other stuff. More on that later. Maybe.

I'm also finally beginning to draw a Bart Simpson 10-pager I wrote last year.

Also juggling in some commissions, hoping to get those out to folks as soon as I can.

I just received a copy of Superman Archives volume 8 from DC Comics. Because I wrote the introduction. Yeah, I know, weird.  See, Mr. Mxyzptlk debuted in the time-frame covered in the book, which caused reprint editor Scott Nybakken to think about irritating characters, which is how my name came up. For the record, I tried not to promote myself in the introduction, encapsulate the plots of every story in the book, include spoilers, use any exclamation points to punch up a sentence, or the hoary old manfan-phrases "ish", "mag" or "ye" anything. You're welcome. There is, however, one typo in the introduction. Not my fault.

To those folks who ordered artwork during the Crushy the Cat Telethon, thanks again, the art will start to go out Monday. We hope to have the art page updated with new items fairly soon.

Finally, I've put up a small set of cartoonist photographs on my Flickr account, which I will be adding to by and by. Something to do, I guess.

Here's George McManus, creator of Bringing Up Father. He was successful, talented, prosperous and famous. Can you imagine?

Over and out.

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