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Signing At Comic Book Jones This Saturday

Comic Book Jones of Staten Island, NY, is celebrating their third anniversary of pushing the funnybooks with a two-day event.

On Friday the following creators are appearing: Steve Becker (Fubar), Ryan Dunlavey (Action Philosophers), John Layman (Chew), Jeff McComsey (Fubar, American terror), Fred Van Lente (Action Philosphers, Marvel Zombies) .

On Saturday I will be signing along with John Broglia (God Complex), Franco (Tiny Titans, Patrick the Wolfboy) and Chris Giarusso (Mini-Marvels, G-Man Comics). I'd say that's the day to bring the kid in for a sketch. 

I believe the signings on both days begin at 12 pm.

FYI, on both days everything in the store is 25% off. That includes the Black Lightning pint glasses that have been gathering dust like the script for Speed Racer 2. Everyone attending the event should go up to the counter and ask Tiger about the Black Lightning pint glass, and when he shows it to you, react in horror and ask him to take it away or cover it up. This would make me almost happy.

Link to the store's site is here. Iirc you go to the "events" page, then click on the images on the calendar for all the information. I think they should have the info right up there first-thing when you click on home page, but then again, I'm a miserable complainer and I don't know how to build a website and my own site is something like seven years out of date or something something. 

The Jones Clan has told me that they expect to have the new printing of the Beasts of Burden book in time for the signing, so, there's always that, and at 25% it makes a lovely gift for yourself, your friends, your highly-evolved dog or cat who reads so-called "graphic novels".

Maybe I'll see some of you folks there. Maybe I won't. Maybe you stink.

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