Evan Dorkin (evandorkin) wrote,
Evan Dorkin

A Few Things

I know you're busy, so I'll try to keep these brief.

Thanks to everyone who showed up for the signing last Saturday at Comic Book Jones. Had a blast. Really.

Thanks to those folks who ordered Girl Scout Cookies from Emily earlier today at CBJ. We really appreciated it and Emily was very happy to get the orders for her Daisy Scout troop. We're expecting to set up At CBJ on another Wednesday in the very near-future, I'll try to let folks know beforehand in case they want to place orders with Emily.

While I'm thanking folks, I want to again thank those of you out there who have responded to our recent art sales and eBay auctions. I am currently working on as many of the commissions I can work on along with holiday tasks and the regular comic book stuff. We've sent out all the art orders from the "Crushy benefit", the recent eBay orders are almost all in transit (we're sending off the final three packages tomorrow) and the recent commissions are all underway. I'm also working towards squaring all old barter or freebie commissions I have promised folks over the past few years. All I can say is, I meant well, and am doing my best., and I hope I can get those done before the Spider-Man musical kills someone. 

Also, speaking of our cat, Crushy is doing really well, so thanks once again. The medication he's on has taken care of the blood in his eye and he's doing about as well as a getting-along-in-years pet can. His appetite is fine, he's active, he may have even gained a little weight. It looks like he'll be with us a while longer, which would be great. We see him as basically being in hospice care, living out his days happily, and being spoiled with chicken scraps and attention. Hopefully we'll be able to spoil him for a while.

I've added more photos of  mostly dead cartoonists to my Flickr account. I've also started a set of photos of kids reading comics, kids making comics, and miscellaneous cartoon and comic character-related stuff.  Something to do.

I understand the delayed Yo Gabba Gabba! comic anthology from Oni should be out sometime next month.

Bart Simpson #57 came out today, it features work by Carol Lay, Sergio Aragones and others. I wrote an X-Mas two-pager called "The More, The Merrier", which was drawn by Dexter Reed and Mike Rote.

We got a new Mad assignment a few days ago. Thanks, Santa!

Finally,  thanks to the folks out there still spreading the word about the Beasts of Burden series and collection. It's been gratifying to see it on some year's-end lists, and to hear from new readers as well as older readers asking about more material. I'm currently working on the first of three short stories for the Dark Horse Presents re-launch, which Jill is set to start on soon after 2011 kicks off. So, there will be at least a few new stories out next year.  I'm hoping Jill and I can also schedule a cat-centric one-shot we've discussed, if not something a little more substantial. I'd love to do another mini-series, if at all possible. I find myself thinking about the characters every day, and I can't wait to see more comics come out with them in it. Fingers crossed, eyes open.

That's all, folks. Happy Holidays if I don't type at you before they hit. Try to stay warm and healthy and as sane as possible during these amazingly stupid times. Here's hoping for a better 2011 for everyone who hasn't been a total imbecile.
Tags: bart simpson, bongo, carol lay, crushy the cat, dead cartoonists, mad, sergio aragones, so cold, yo gabba gabba

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