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I was very saddened to hear that singer Trish Keenan of the band Broadcast died recently.

If you have roughly three minutes of spare time and want to hear what I happen to think is a beautiful song, a song which is one of my all-time favorites, then by all means go here. Dreamy shimmering electro-pop, lovely vocals, fine drumming, perfection. It simply kills me every time I hear it, as it has three times tonight.

On a lighter, albeit less perfect note, while cleaning up the office tonight I came across a pile of flyers for some conventions and store signings I/we did back in the 1990's. I'd meant to scan them so I could recycle the papers, but I lost track of things, as usual. Anyway, now they're scanned and recycled and there's a set of them uploaded to Flickr in case anyone wants to look at them. I think they're of interest mainly to see what things were like at the time, to look at old convention guest lists and see creators and comics you've never heard of, and creators and comics you've forgotten all about. And then there's the failed shows and closed shops, and even the names of stores that are still around, miraculously.

Anyway, you can see the set here if you care to.

I added  a few comments here and there about some of the flyers -- dates, locations, etc, but my memory is terrible and I'm at a complete loss on a few of them. If by any chance anyone out there recalls any of these appearances/events and has anything to add, please let me know in the comments section if you will. If I find any more similar items I'll add them to the set sometime. I know we have a Bizarro Wuxtry flyer by Devlin Thompson that's too large for my scanner, so I'll have to ask Sarah to help me out there. I tossed a lot of papers several months ago and now I regret it. I'm glad I tossed it all and there's more to be tossed but I wish I had waited to scan some of it -- sure, it's not important "history", but it jogs my (terrible) memory and it doesn't take up physical space on a computer. Of course, it does take up considerable time, which I really needed to spend on work tonight, so don't I feel like a royal schmuck right now?

(I do.)

Anyway. Time to go.

Good night.
Tags: broadcast, comic books, going forward, r.i.p. trish keenan, recycling, wasting time

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