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Taking a breather after finishing up a semi-rush job while in the middle of a Beasts of Burden script deadline and a Bongo art gig deadline and some other stuff. Things have been hectic here as of late, a sudden flurry of job offers and potential projects, a sick little girl, and of course the same freak-out everyone is having due to calamitous and unsettling world events. I don't have much to say about the latter, because what's there to say that doesn't sound banal? 

I mean, besides the horseshit some comedians (the duck voice actor flack) and supposed comedians (the Family Guy "writer")  and some just plain ol' everyday stupid people have spouted. Especially the notion of "retribution" floating around, which is beyond stupid. It's Astro-Stupid. I mean, let's say there is such a thing as divine retribution or karma or whatever hoo-ha you want to call it (or I want to call it), let's take that trip to Crazytown together, shall we? Why the eff would it necessarily be retribution for Pearl Harbor? Why not the rape of Nanking? Why not Vampire Hunter D? Why not (fill-in-the-blank)? Why would it be something having to do with America? Why them? Why us? Why that? Why now? Why would it involve people who had nothing to do with World War 2? And if you want to see or insist on seeing things in this manner, then maybe Pearl Harbor was retribution for how we slaughtered and displaced Native Americans? Ever think of that, stupid people? Hah? Does that sound nuts? Well, it should. BECAUSE IT'S ALL BULLSHIT, STUPID PEOPLE. And maybe you should think before you say stupid shit you picked up off the streets of Crazytown.

I, of course, am exempt from the Crazytown thing, because I made it up and am King of it all and am exempt. Thank you.

I also assume I'm preaching to the choir here, because I doubt too many full-blown stupid people read this tripe I'm peddling. Although one never knows. Anyway, if you're not sure if you're stupid or not, then, well...you're stupid. Try not to broadcast it, unless you're looking to get on some reality show. 

Aargh. This was supposed to be an escapist-type, fun blog post. Sorry. Before the escapism kicks in I will say that it amazes me to some degree that people whose job affects no one (the duck voice actor flack) get their asses handed to them -- rightly or wrongly -- when they spout horseshit opinions/jokes. But people who actually affect millions of citizens -- NYC's school's chancellor, your average politician, your average LCD media pundit, for example -- they can say the most insensitive garbage and not get pink-slipped. In fact, they might benefit from spouting garbage. Comedian makes insensitive jokes -- the boot. Okay, sure, I guess. School chancellor says insensitive, inflammatory shit -- apology accepted. Here's your check for the week, have a nice time at the dinner party tonight, love ya, later. We're an amazing collection of people these days, we regulate the hell out of behavior but don't try to discuss anyone's behavior rationally and educate people about certain attitudes, we go after the weak and pointless and grumble about the transgressions of the strong and powerful. We deserve what we have and what we get. It's -- why, it's almost like DIVINE RETRIBUTION!!!

That was a joke. Please don't fire me as the King of Crazytown. I like it here and need the job.

Anyway, on to the escapism portion of our program: Dumb-ass comic book character drawings I roughed out over the past few months and never took any farther because of a lack of time, energy and/or ability. Enjoy. Or don't.

That last fellow isn't supposed to have three arms, by the way, I just flail about a lot when I rough things out. I draw like a drowning man, it's true. Desperate and clumsy and scared to death.

Please feel free to name the characters. No prizes for "winners", no, not today, sorry -- just a deep sense of satisfaction and shame knowing you know this stuff.

I'm in the geek canoe with you, if it matters any.

A few more rough sketches tomorrow.

Evening, all.
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