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I'm Christopher Glenn, and this is, "In The News"

Beasts of Burden: Animal Rites has been nominated for a book award sponsored by a review site called Foreword. In the graphic novel category, in case anyone was curious. I am not familiar with any of this but welcome all free press for the project.

Jill Thompson has been nominated for an award from the National Cartoonist's Society for her work on Beasts of Burden. I'm very much aware of that award and am really stoked for Jill and hope she wins. I wish I was a member of the NCS so I could vote for her.

Only one or two people have mentioned it outright, but in case anyone else is wondering, we will not be at MOCCA this year.

The upcoming issue of Mad will feature a two-page illustration by Sarah and I.

And now, your super-obscure comical-book rarity bonus image -- the original, unused cover for the original, unpublished Instant Piano #1 by Kyle Baker:

As some of you H.O.F. faithful may recall, I've been rummaging through my comic book holdings and personal files, mostly to throw things out. About two weeks ago I found the original xerox dummy of what was supposed to be Instant Piano #1. Instant Piano, as some of you etc etc, was a 90's anthology that featured a group of NYC-based cartoonists/friends: Kyle Baker, Stephen DeStefano, Robbie Busch, Mark Badger and myself. Instant Piano became mired in a lot of stupid, unnecessary crap that kept it from seeing print for some time, and everyone but myself eventually left NYC for the west coast while the project drifted around.

After a time, Dark Horse released 4 issues of IP, with sales tumbling low enough for Mike Richardson to let us know we could quit with three issues if we wanted to jump ship and save ourselves. We didn't, and to their credit, DH printed the final issue, which I believe sold a little over six thousand copies. Which so many projects sell now it isn't funny. Anyway, what you may have seen as Instant Piano #1 is significantly different from the original dummy -- Kyle switched out a lot of his work, Stephen did likewise I believe, Mark re-worked the art on his story and added gray tones, etc. The cover was re-done, and the table of contents page (feat. Kyle's caricature of Fatty Arbuckle) was excised.  I can't recall if my section was any different from what was printed.  I do know that at one point, while waiting for the tide of nonsense to subside that was holding up the book, I  pulled my pages to use for Dork #1.

Anyway, there's the original cover. I have a very-badly xeroxed copy of the rest of the book (If I remember correctly the dummies were run off the xerox machine in the office of Reflex Magazine -- not my idea) which I guess I'll keep for now. Although I might toss it. Ambivalence, thou art my eternal companion. As art thou, Clutter.

More than I meant to type.

Anyway, I'm Christopher Glenn, and that's what's been In The News.
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