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I wanted to say thanks for the kind comments regarding our cat, Crushy. They were appreciated and helped a great deal while I was feeling pretty low. I'd been meaning to post my thanks earlier, but things have been pretty crazy around here and I'm crazy enough in the best of times. So, again, thanks.

Anyway, here's what we've been up to lately:

- Sarah and I have a one-page strip in the just-released Bart Simpson #60, which features a story by the one and only Sergio Aragones.

- We also have a bit of art in the new issue of Mad Magazine, #510, the one with the Green Lantern cover.

- Earlier today Sarah finished up the colors on our Team Cul de Sac contribution, which I hope to post here shortly. The original art will eventually be auctioned off as part of the fundraising project, fyi.

- Here's a recent interview Newsarama did with Eric Powell and I regarding The Goon #35, due this August.

- And here's a Wired interview with Jill Thompson that covers Beasts of Burden along with her other recent projects, with a quote or two from me, in a very positive mood for a change. 

- I drew 10 Milk and Cheese sketch cards for the CBLDF Liberty trading card set.

- We have some new art for sale on our site, a few new Milk and Cheese pin-ups as well as a comic page, and a batch of art from Dork, Hellboy: Weird Tales, the Yo Gabba Gabba! Comic Book Time anthology, and Mad Magazine. The M&C art page can be seen here, the main art list is here.

Finally -- R.I.P. Gene Colan. I was a fan from childhood, first from his work on Daredevil and Iron Man, then Dr. Strange, if I remember correctly, eventually falling head over heels with his work on Howard the Duck. He and his wife were super-nice to Sarah and I when we met them at a local convention and bought a page of artwork a ways back. Sarah had a cough and they gave her a throat lozenge while we talked. He seemed like a great guy. He definitely was a superb artist with a unique style that prevailed at Marvel and DC seemingly against all odds, considering what the prevalent house styles were like. He was good enough to not be told to draw like anyone else, and he didn't. There is no mistaking a Gene Colan-drawn comic, they're like dreams on paper, real yet surreal, glimpses to a world only he could provide access to. Wonderful, just wonderful.

All for now.  
Tags: bart simpson, cbldf, eric powell, jill thompson, mad, milk and cheese, tean cul de sac, the goon

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