Evan Dorkin (evandorkin) wrote,
Evan Dorkin

Dark Horse Presents #11: House of Fun out today

Dark Horse Presents #11 is out today, with comics by Steve Niles, Carla Speed McNeil, Francesco Francavilla, John Arcudi and other creators.

Our House of Fun segment for this issue consists of 6 pages of Fun Strips and two single-page Milk and Cheese comics. Returning features from ye olden days in the Fun section are Myron the Living Voodoo Doll (only one, and purely out of nostalgia, I admit), The Man Upstairs, The Shitty Witch and the Crappy Cat and the Broken Robot (seen previously here on the LJ). Plus you get stupid jokes about Dr. Who, Batman, Ultraman, dying kids, bad parents, undersexed sex workers, comic book fans and crap like that. My "earlier, funnier" type stuff. Couldn't get Phil the Disco Skinhead in the mix, I think his day is done. Which is perhaps a good thing.

Here's the DHP info from the DHC website. Buy a copy today, or read my stuff in the store and see if you like it. Just remember, comics shops ain't libraries, kids (insert joke here).

Next up: Dark Horse Presents #12, with a one-page Milk and Cheese comic and a seven-page Eltingville zombie crawl. You've been warned.
Tags: broken robot, comics, dark horse presents, eltingville, house of fun, milk and cheese

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