Evan Dorkin (evandorkin) wrote,
Evan Dorkin



This was a quick sketch done on a piece of scrap Bristol that I inked while waiting for the ink to dry on various commissions and a cover. I eventually added way more details to it than I had originally planned. This is me trying to do a "clean" drawing. Cripes. I blame the OCD, I blame myself. I was going to toss this but Sarah liked it, so I didn't. I'm probably going to redraw it at some point to see if I can do a cleaner version with less mistakes.

"6 by 8", brush marker/pen and ink/white correction ink in a bunch of places because I ink like a chimp.

Medusa is a Jack Kirby design, as I'm sure you folks know. And love.
Tags: inhumans, jack kirby, marvel comics, medusa, original art, screwing around

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