Evan Dorkin (evandorkin) wrote,
Evan Dorkin

Heroes Con Ramp-Up

Heroes Con is next week, if you're going to be at the show and are looking for us, we'll be in the Indie Island section at tables AA-516 and AA-517. 

I'll have copies of the Beasts of Burden and Milk and Cheese collections at the table, as well as various issues of Dark Horse Presents (Beasts of Burden co-creator Jill Thompson will also be at the show, btw). We're bringing what's left of our old SLG stuff, which is not actually all that much, I think I have one Hectic Planet trade left and a few single copies of this and that. We're all out of copies of the Dork trades as well as the comics, unfortunately. I wish I had those available, but it looks like that stuff won't be back on our table until we collect it in a more definitive edition. We'll have copies of Sarah's Action Girl Comics anthology available, a few issues are gone. Slowly but surely our backstock is disappearing. 

Merchandise-wise, I found a few Milk and Cheese "Merv Griffin" posters, and some uncut sheets of the trading card set (although I don't know if the latter will travel well, we'll see). We have at least one beer mug set left, maybe two if I decide to only keep one set in the house. I think we're all out of vinyl figures, card sets. We're definitely out of the lunchboxes. I might have one of the Bowen sculpted fridge magnets left. The old stuff's finally going, which is a bit of a weird feeling. I'm so used to having all those old comics and items on hand for shows over the years. At the same time, I'm glad to have it all out of the basement, and I'm happy to have a more streamlined table at shows these days -- a few books, art, whatever crafty things are in the offering.

Speaking of which, Sarah's working on some home-made House of Fun stuff to bring, and H.O.F. Junior Member Emily will have her new "Emily's Garden" line of floral hair clips for sale. All Garden profits go to Emily's Cowgirl, Ice Cream and Video Game funds, btw. A worthier cause you will not find, unless you want to get all serious and stuff.  

Hopefully we'll update before we leave regarding the crafts stuff, maybe some of the pin-ups I hope to finish before we leave town. Otherwise, we'll be getting some work done while we prep for the show.

Hope to see some of you in Charlotte next week. Over and out.
Tags: appearances, beasts of burden, dark horse presents, heroes con, house of fun, milk and cheese

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