Evan Dorkin (evandorkin) wrote,
Evan Dorkin

July Catch-All

Haven't posted in a few weeks, owing to Heroes Con, work, heat wave, etc.

Long non-stories short:

Heroes Con was a great time and a terrific show for us. We sold a lot of books, wish I brought more copies of Beasts of Burden. Had some interesting conversations and fun dinners, it was great catching up with folks and fellow cartoonists.

Heroes is pretty much the only major show we do these days. We don't have any other big conventions lined up for the rest of the year, although if things go the way they usually do I might pop in to the NYCC to do a DHC signing. Not going to SDCC, obviously. It also looks like we'll be doing another appearance at another Asbury Park show being put together.

The French edition of Beasts of Burden: Animal Rites seems to be going over decently with readers over there. Of course, I have no idea how the book is actually selling, but there's been a healthy batch of write-ups and I did a magazine interview for it. The sold-out from DHC Milk and Cheese book is apparently scheduled for a reprinting.

In the span of one day I was offered a writing gig with a top-5 comics publisher, pitched a story idea, got the story accepted, and lost the gig (owing to personal differences with someone associated with the company).

I'm not taking any commissions for the time being, too busy, working on a few I accepted earlier in the year.

Don't care about the Harvey nomination, do care the Hernandez Brothers and Jaime in particular weren't nominated. Then again, what's the value of getting nominated for a broken award few people take seriously? This is, after all, a screwed-up program that can't even afford to give creative teams their own awards if they win. Still, pretty amazing Love Bunglers/L&R 4 garnered not one nomination in the two most-established US awards programs. Unreal.

Sarah and I are doing some behind-the-scenes animation work no one will likely ever see. Hope to have a few announcements on new comics work as soon as possible. Keeping busy.

I think that's about it for now. Otherwise, anything you folks want talk about? Feel free to ask or vent.

Tags: asbury park comic con, beasts of burden, failures in freelancing, heroes con, milk and cheese

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