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Post NYCC: New Beasts of Burden and Other Stuff

I had a great time at NYCC although it was chiefly because of the people I met, the people I saw, and the people I signed books for. The show itself is a juggernaut of impersonal salesmanship, PR bullshit and assorted bells and whistles, it does what it does, it doesn't make attempts to deny it's a money-making machine, and I have to respect it for that. The attendees seemed very happy to trudge the hall, buy stuff, and wait on lines for panels and screenings full of PR bullshit. I was happy to see more comics than I expected, jeebus cripes the Building Stories box of stuff looks wonderful, for one thing. I was unhappy to not be able to punch out a dozen or two dingbats who don't understand the meaning of personal space and how their prop swords and massive backpacks can hurt people when swung into them. But it's Chinatown, what can you do? Sarah and Emily came in with me on Friday for the DHC horror panel, I went in on my own on Saturday for the DHC signing. It was great seeing a lot of DHC folks, seeing folks like Scott Allie and Eric Powell, running into Walt Simonson, Amanda Conner and some other friends in and out of comics that I haven't seen in ages. 

Although we didn't make a formal announcement, during the Dark Horse Comics horror panel we mentioned that Jill Thompson and I are working on a second Beasts of Burden mini-series. It'll be four issues, two of which I've written (one of which I co-wrote with Sarah). When we're finally done with it all the second series will cap a second hardcover collection, along with the Hellboy crossover and the Neighborhood Watch stories from Dark Horse Presents. As far as a schedule for the new series, I guess "sometime in 2013" is about all I can cough up. Anyway, at least it's underway, finally, and I'm glad we can start talking about it. Although I guess that's all there is to say right now.

In more concrete comic book news: Sarah and I have a three page art job in the new issue of Mad Magazine, #518. I wrote a four-page story for Bart Simpson #76 which was illustrated by Eric Shanower (!). I'm the interview subject in the December issue of Creator Owned Heroes from Image. And if all goes according to plan, Sarah and I will be doing some more color gag pages and Milk and Cheese stories for Dark Horse Presents.

Also, I'm going to be at the Brooklyn Comics and Graphics Festival next month (October 10th), signing stuff at the CBLDF table.

Between things developing out of NYCC and projects dropping in our laps unexpectedly it looks like Sarah and I are going to be super-busy in the coming months. Some of the stuff is for comics, and some is animation-related, which means folks will likely never actually see any of it. Hopefully most of it will come to pass and we'll get to tell you about it, time will tell what sees the light of day and what gets buried in the pits of development hell. Pretty crazy.

In the meantime, gotta run. Hope to see some of you in Brooklyn next month.
Tags: bart simpson, beasts of burden, bongo comics, dark horse comics, jill thompson, mad magazine, nycc

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