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As usual these days, I come to you live and early in the morning, this time at 4:33 am. I just spent over eight hours working on a fuggin' panel. The same big fuggin' panel I worked on for most of ten hours yesterday. And it's still not finished. And I'm falling further behind. Ugh. Ugh. Ugh. I should have been inking the HB strip by now and I'm still penciling. I think it looks mighty decent (for me), but it's taking too much time and I'm getting nervous about the deadline. The later I am the more pressure I'm putting Sarah under on the coloring, and this thing's gonna be a coloring bitch owing to the amount of detail I'm putting into it. The ironic thing is, I planned to really cartoon this gig, exaggerate everything and all, but the material called for something a bit more straightforward. Still, I meant to hit it somewhere in the middle, not so much "straight". Time will tell if I'm making the right decisions on this pup. I just can't believe how slow it's going, this sucks. The upside is that I screw up my inks something fierce if I don't pencil tightly, so in the long run I might make up some lost ground there. And it's not a clusterfuck text-wise like my own work, so the lettering won't be a hand breaking nightmare. I cannot wait to wrap this thing up, it's like passing a comic book kidney stone.

Anything else? I shoveled snow and managed to not fall down. I didn't get up until about 5 in the afternoon because we hit the sack late and then the phone rang downstairs, twice, at about 7:30 am. Then the cats started fighting in the bed, Jinx has been on the warpath after Crushinto and they've been duking it out in bed. The sun came up during all this, no help there. Then a guy rang the doorbell at 9 am to ask if I wanted him to shovel us out. Then another cat fight or two and somehow we fell asleep around 10 or so. Then at 3 the alarm went off, because I forgot it was set. Then it was PM. So I shoveled in the dark, which always makes it more depressing. There was a lot of the white crap but it was light and didn't freeze up underneath yet, so I didn't throw out my back or ruin my dumb hand. By the way, aren;t blogs fucking fantastic? I'm sitting here typing crap about shoveling snow and you're reading it. Jesus fuck. I'm cursing a lot lately, excuse my potty fingers. Was I making a point here? No.

A pretty lame day, production-wise and life-wise. We didn't even get any junk mail to give us something to shred. Big event of the day -- Sarah disassembled the Christmas tree. I miss it already. It sort of became a big nitelite in the living room. Second big event of the day -- I was officially asked to emcee the Harveys this year. Which wasn't a big surprise, they already "officially" asked me twice and I guess they keep thinking I didn't say yes. Maybe that's what they're hoping. Har dee har har. I already wrote some crappy jokes for the ceremony, so I should accept the gig (again). The Harvey ceremony should be pretty cool this year, a lot of heavy hitters should be getting nominated (Palomar, The Frank Book, Persepolis and a load of others are probable shoo-ins for various categories, I'm sure everyone's assuming Blankets will be comics' Return of the King in the Eisners, Harveys, Iggies, and it'll be interesting to see if any Manga titles crack the categories outside of Foreign pub). And this time we'll be in NYC, at a great show, in a beautiful venue, and with a heavy-hitter keynote speaker (unless it falls through, must always qualify that stuff) . So, hopefully I won't get drunk and screw it all up. It happened once before, sort of, but everyone tells me that was the year I was the most entertaining.

Dance, Monkey Boy, Dance.

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