Evan Dorkin (evandorkin) wrote,
Evan Dorkin

Some Time Later...

Still busy as heck, still not updating the blog much. Finishing up the animation gig, finished up a Mad illo, still pushing the last Beasts of Burden script to wrap up the current arc.

So, quickly:

We just received our comp copies of Simpsons Comics #200, which ships on March 20th. Sarah and I did a two-page strip for the double-sized anniversary issue. Fun/Not Terribly Interesting Fact: It's the first time I lettered my own stuff for a Bongo comic. I was supposed to letter the Treehouse story I did a few years back but the deadline couldn't bear it (i.e., I was running late on the art).

The third Asbury Park Comic Con is still this March 30th and we're still going. They added Don McGregor as a guest, as well as R. Sikoryak and several others. There was a local television ad done for the event and the way my name was spoken by the announcer made me laugh and cringe and regret my surname for the eleventy-thousandth time since I was yanked out of the warm darkness. Cripes.

I was going to post a quick sketch I did of Harmony and Ecoli Weinstein from Hectic Planet but I keep screwing up the sizing on images on LJ. Sarah explained it to me the last time I screwed this up but I forgot. I'll figure it out after I screw it up again and try to have art on the site again.

Been watching the junky horror movies again on the Netflix. Actually, I saw a few decent and/or fun ones and even a good one and the junky ones were mostly watchable. I better not get into that, I'll type all night about the really junky ones (Dark House, The Hollow, Salvage...). Maybe later. Some of them I saw a while back and can't remember, the sure sign of a plain-old useless bad waste of time.

Type to you soon, I hope.
Tags: asbury park comic con, beasts of burden, bongo, computer incompetence, hectic planet, mad, simpsons comics

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