Evan Dorkin (evandorkin) wrote,
Evan Dorkin

This and That

I had a swell time at yesterday's signing at Comic Book Jones -- I wasn't expecting to be doing much after appearing there just last month for the latest Beasts of Burden one-shot, but it turned out to be a busy six hours. I signed a lot of copies of Eltingville Club #1, a few Beasts issues and a couple of hardcovers. Sketched for some folks and will finish some the drawings I couldn't get to when I do another signing at CBJ on May 3rd as part of their Free Comic Book Day event.

Speaking of Eltingville, there's a short (but more serious than usual) interview with me about the comic at the Rhymes With Geek site.

If you picked up a copy Eltingville, you have my thanks, and I hope you enjoyed the misery-fest.

Issue #2 is running late and won't ship next month due to my streak of various minor illnesses and injuries, made worse by hitches, false starts and overall slowness. It's back under construction and I'm hoping to rope it in before too long.



Tags: appearances, comic book jones, dark horse comics, interviews, rhymes with geek, signings, the eltingville club

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