Evan Dorkin (evandorkin) wrote,
Evan Dorkin

Art For Sale...Possibly Appetizing Old Art For Sale...

So, we had a really great time at Heroes but did very poorly at the table, and we did terribly at a one-day show the week before that, and we kinda needed to do some business because things aren't so hot right now, so...yeah. Art for sale. To help keep us doggy-paddling through what is going to be a very rough sea this summer. With Eltingville #2 stretched out (my fault), a bum drawing mitt and two shows back-to-back in the red....well, you get the picture. Art for sale.

Up on e-Bay right now we have some Mad illos, a page from Bill and Ted (sniff), a Milk and Cheese pin-up, some production art from the Eltingville pilot (starting cheap, imho) and a two-page complete Eltingville Club story from Dork #6. These are the first Eltingville interior pages I've offered up for sale, so, if that matters to anyone, there you go.

The listings are here.

Elt Bill 1

In the coming weeks we expect to be listing some HOF odds and ends as well as some things we're looking to divest of from our collection. So, watch this space, if you are interested, I'll be updating with whatever we make available.
Tags: art for sale, bill and ted, e-bay, eltingville club, mad, milk and cheese, rough seas ahead, shilling

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