Evan Dorkin (evandorkin) wrote,
Evan Dorkin

H.O.F. T-Shirts and Crafty Stuff On eBay

We've got a last batch of our overstocked shirts and craft items up on eBay (other than whatever Action Girl extras we might still have on hand. Don't want to falsely advertise!), including some Milk & Cheese, Pirate Corp$!/Hectic Planet, Dork and even some Yo Gabba Gabba! shirts and items up for bidding. There's also a few of Sarah's remaining H.O.F. jewelry pieces as well as a pencil case/ bookmark combo made with the lttle sketchbook monsters.

You can see the auctions here.

As always, thanks for any and all clicks, plugs and bids.

PC$! shirt
Tags: auctions, comics, dork, ebay, hectic planet, milk & cheese, monsters, murder family, pirate corp$!, yo gabba gabba

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