Evan Dorkin (evandorkin) wrote,
Evan Dorkin

Dark Horse Presents (vol 3) #4 In Stores Today

The title pretty much says it all, except that I have an eight-page stretch of Fun Strips in there.

Here's a preview of the issue, which includes one of my pages.

This appearance means I've been in Dark Horse Presents #4 twice, now, and in all four versions of the anthology (three print, one online). Crazy.

I think I forgot to mention on this here blog that Deadpool Classic vol 10 shipped from Marvel last week. The reprint collection includes the two Agent-X issues I wrote in 2003 (featuring Fight-Man) as well as the Fight-Man One Shot I wrote and penciled in 1993. The former has nifty art by Juan Bobillo and Marcelo Sosa, the latter looked like a purple, pink and green nightmare on newsprint in '93 and unfortunately looks even more garish and awful on glossy paper in 2014. In a happier world that loved me and Fight-Man more, it would have been recolored. But it's all together now, which is a surprise in and of itself, so if that appeals to you as a Fight-Man (and/or or Agent X) fan, then go get a copy or a digital thingie of it or whatever.

While I'm plugging stuff: Later this month the Hellboy: Weird Tales series Sarah and I contributed a story to gets the complete hardcover treatment. We also should be in the next issue of Mad Magazine after a long absence due to Eltingville Club-related business.

Speaking of being given the business, I've got roughly four pages of Eltingville #2 left to finish. Only one has a ridiculous crowd scene so I'm hoping they'll get knocked out fairly easily and somewhat quickly. The comic and the HC collection will be rescheduled sometime after I turn in the pages.

And after that, I will wander off like a whipped dog in search of paying work.

Wotta mess this has been.

You betcha.
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