Evan Dorkin (evandorkin) wrote,
Evan Dorkin

NYCC 2015

I'll be signing copies of THE ELTINGVILLE CLUB at the Dark Horse Comics booth (#1636) on Saturday, Oct. 10th from 12 -12:45. I'll be happy to sign anything anyone brings, there's no purchase necessary, but FYI I understand DHC will have copies of ELTINGVILLE #1-2, and it's likely they'll have the MILK & CHEESE/BEASTS OF BURDEN collections available, as well. There will be free signing cards featuring the cover art from the upcoming ELTINGVILLE hardcover.

It's not a ticketed event, but you must bring ANIMAL CROSSING Amiibo cards to get in. Ha ha. I wish.

I might have to hand out dollar bills.

Full details on the Dark Horse panels and signings can be found here.

That's my full schedule for NYCC this time around, I'm not on any panels or anything, I think they got wise to me. I'll be spending a day at the show with the family and on Saturday when I'm not twiddling my thumbs all alone and abandoned by the fans at the DH table and wishing for a cyanide milkshake I'll be meeting up with a few folks for informal meetings, checking in with friends, avoiding a bunch of chumps, and manning a pop-up shop in Artists Alley to sell mace and body cameras to cosplayers and professionals who are sick of dealing with creeps. Sad to say, I should make a killing.

Might sell soap, too.

See you, maybe.
Tags: appearances, comics, dark horse comics, disappearances, nycc, the eltingville club

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