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Still Here, Still Doing Stuff

I have a lot going on and the world's in flames so I rarely get around to posting here these days. I still mean to, and I enjoy it, this is my most comfortable place to be, as far as social media goes, but it also takes the most time for me to deal with. Still, I appreciate the fact that there are some folks left around here, so I try to show up.

Here's what we've been up to in case this is the only place you check for updates from the House of Fun (thx!).

- The Dark Horse Comics print release of our Stela app comic CALLA CTHULHU will be out in shops tomorrow, and available at Amazon on Aug 29th. You can see the other folks involved in the cover image above, Erin is our penciler/designer/co-creator of this weird action-adventure/horror coming of age story about a teenager who discovers her genetic ties to a very old, very powerful and very awful family. Mario inked, Bill colored, Sarah ran the show, she and I scripted and made stuff up. Our letterer is Nate Piekos of Blambot. We loved working on this project and we're hoping this does well enough to be continued, as we have a lot of story to tell. DHC, 256 pgs, full-color, $12.99.

Sarah and I will be signing debut copies of Calla Cthulhu at Comic Book Jones on Staten Island tomororw night from 6-9 pm. And we'll have giveaway bookmarks and I'll be sketching if asked and all that sort of stuff.

- Fans of BEASTS OF BURDEN will be happy to know that Jill Thompson is almost done with the first issue of our next two-part arc (The Presence of Others). On top of that, I'm writing a four-issue BEASTS OF BURDEN mini-series which AUTUMLANDS artist Benjamin Dewey is illustrating. The side series will feature the Wise Dog Society members. Ben's completed the first issue, the second script is done, and I can't be more excited. Look for Ben on Instagram and see previews of his pages. If all goes well we could have six issues of the series next year, and eventually three collections. Oh, and in case you missed it, Sarah, Jill and I won an EIsner for What The Cat Dragged In last month or so.

- Speaking of Beasts of Burden, the anthology series it first ran in is being collected by Dark Horse in one low-priced hardcover called THE DARK HORSE BOOK OF HORROR. It's out Aug 23rd.

- Oh, I'm on Instagram too, now. I take photos of pages I'm working on or things I'm looking at. I could use some followers.

-The DORK collection is just about ready to get sent out to DHC from our end. I'm drawing an introd/autobio story and we're polishing off the interior contents order and sourcing. Almost there. Should be sweet.

- Sarah's been working as the art director for Pinup Girl Clothing for the past year, if I haven't mentioned it. Can't remember, too lazy to check. My third print with them has been approved and could be out later this year. First Cthulhu, then Monsters, and next...???

- DC released SUPERMAN ADVENTURES vol 3, featuring our giant-sized Supergirl story from SA #21, illustrated by Brett Blevins and Terry Austin. DC doesn't mention us by name on the solicitations or website (despite our being the only writers from the animated series, ha ha) and we haven't been sent comps (@$&#!, heh heh) but we still want people to read it. We enjoyed working on that series and the show a lot.

- We will be exhibiting at the CXC in Columbus this Sept 28th, and will be doing our first west-coast convention since 2000 (!) later this year.

- The page I did for Tellos vol 2 will be auctioned off for the ASPCA, the late Mike Weiringo's pet charity (pun not intended) in the near future.  A lot of the art from the self-published books honoring Weiringo's legacy will be available in the auction, date TBD. Tellos 2 should be out soon.

- I have an essay and a drawing in the KIRBY 100 book from TwoMorrows, due Aug 28th. Long Live the King, the Creator, The Heavy Lifter. A shame so many publishers decided the best way to honor Kirby was to sell new comics based on his ideas instead of thinking up something more special, meaningful and less of a cash grab. TwoMorrows celebrates Kirby every month, has for years, and I doubt this is a cash grab so much as a thank you letter that needed funding. Marvel and DC could have done this, but they're lazy-minded and like to jump on Kirby's IP at every opportunity and have stock holders to worry about. I was paid for Kirby 100 with a comp copy, as I assume everyone was. I'm fine with that. I love Jack Kirby and his work. I wish he was here, or at least could have lived long enough to have seen his work embraced by Hollywood and the world the way Stan Lee has. Kirby deserved far more than he got in his lifetime.


 - P.S. I got some good news regarding a new comics project. More someday.

End of transmission. Everyone stay safe.
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Congrats on the Eisner!

Great to hear there's more Beasts on the way too.

That Kirby 100 cover is awesome. I'll have to track it down!
Kinell, if we were only going to CXC this year .. Well, maybe we'll catch you at your west coast show. It wouldn't be Latino Comics Fest in Long Beach in November, would it?
Just ordered Calla. I hesitated for a moment because it's all-ages, but then I remembered Biff Bam Pow was amazing!

Great to hear Jill is still going on BoB - I don't know what caused the delays a while back, but hopefully she'll be able to continue even if other artists are brought in for side series etc. Speaking of which, great to hear about the Wise Dogs thing - Ben's art looks gorgeous. Is he also colouring? Seems like it from Instagram.

Keep the updates coming!
Ben is doing everything on the art, watercolors over inks, in this case. It is looking beautiful, he's recently wrapped up issue #1 and has turned in layouts on #2. I'm juggling a lot right now and will knock #3 into shape early next month so Ben can keep going. # and 4 are plotted, I just need to nail down the details and business.

Jill is almost done with part 1 of the two-issue arc. I think we have four pages left at this point. This was supposed to be part of a 4-issue mini back when I wrote it, with Hunters and Gatherers and What the Cat Dragged In. I'm actually re-scripting sections of part two because things got so late I stopped doing revisions to concentrate on other work.

If things go well, this will end up with two new collections, vol 2 of the main arc, and a Wise Dogs book. I have the next few stories worked out and some one-shots and whatnot. I'm hoping Ben will want to stay on board for whatever he might want to do, and we have a few other people we're thinking of asking if it comes to it.

Glad you liked Biff Bam Pow. Calla is YA, and BBP is straight all-ages, so you might like Calla even more, if you get me. I think it's a super-fun book, we try not to write down, and it's full of neat stuff and good characters, imo.