Evan Dorkin (evandorkin) wrote,
Evan Dorkin

The H.O.F. at CXC

Sarah and I will be exhibitors at next weekend's Cartoon Crossroads Columbus (CXC) event, bringing copies of our latest book, CALLA CTHULHU, along with old-timey favorites like BEASTS OF BURDEN: ANIMAL RITES (our last HC copies, trade paperback due mid-2018) and THE ELTINGVILLE CLUB. We're all out of MILK AND CHEESE books, unfortunately (also being re-issued in a trade paperback in mid-2018)

We'll also be selling HOF enamel pins and buttons, some crafty items and some DHC Eltingville Club lunchboxes. Oh, and we'll have original art from most of my own projects Including Milk & CHeese, Eltingville, Dork, Mad Magazine, Biff Bam Pow, Hellboy: Weird Tales and whatever else I can fit in the portfolio.

We'll also have the original art for the CXC wrap-up party poster we did for sale:

I don't know what "hosting" this after-party entails, I just hope my arm's okay enough to bowl.

You can see more about the CXC at their site, and at their Facebook page. It's an amazing city-sponsored cultural event, the whole thing is free to the public, as are the related lecture, workshp and spotlight panel events. And the guest list is always pretty darn stellar (which is why we're only exhibitors, ha ha).

FYI, we're also going to be signing at the Dark Horse booth at this year's NYCC on Friday, Oct 6th, from 2-2:45. In November we'll be flying (ulp) out to Tacoma, Washington for the Jet City Comic Show, our first left-coast con appearance in over sevenbteen years, I believe.
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