Evan Dorkin (evandorkin) wrote,
Evan Dorkin

The Most Demented Signing I Will Ever Be Invited To

Sarah and I contributed artwork to the DR. DEMENTO: COVERED IN PUNK album project coming out next month, and have been invited to take part in the release signing at Forbidden Planet NYC on January 11th.

If you're an 70's kid/80's teen/young adult like me and liked listening to Dr. Demento, or watching Uncle Floyd, or listening to The B-52's and/or The Misfits, or reading early Drew Friedman comics (or all of that stuff), you might want to pop over and say hello.

I'll be the nerd hiding in the corner in junk culture heaven.

This is just so weird. We're definitely bringing stuff to get signed.

Tags: #dr demento, #drew friedman, #fred schneider, #signings, #the b-52s, #the misfits, #this is so weird, #uncle floyd
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What a great lineup! I'd be so starf__ked in that presence that I'd probably devolve into a jello mold of a fan. Stay strong and remember, they're on the same bill with YOU. (I had a similar fan attack this year at LCE; we get there and we're tabling back to back with Cathy Camper and three or four Hernandezs. How I got through it without turning twelve again, I have no idea)