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HOF Art What Is For Sale

Hey, folks. We finally put together a list of the available art that we're selling. We only did one convention last year and haven't updated the list in a long time so there's a decent number of pieces available, several M&C color drawings, one or two M&C pages, some stuff from Dork (and Generation Ecch) and several CD covers. No bells or whistles or images yet, simply a list of what's for sale, page numbers, dimensions, prices, and the like. You can see the list at the url below, or, when visiting the HOF page, you can reach it through the "At Home" section. We should also have an announcement on the news section of the HOF front page asap. That direct link is:


If you're interested in something that isn't on the list, feel free to ask, but keep in mind that I'm not selling a lot of my pages or covers and there are no Eltingville pages available until after I put a trade together, which will be sometime in the year 2525, when man struggles to stay alive, or whatever the lyrics to that bloody song say.

Otherwise, we just saw Dawn of the Dead this afternoon. I liked it. And WFMU reached the pledge goal of $750,000, which is great news in these Clearchannel times. Anyway. here's to no briefcase nukes in your future, HOF faithful. Type at you asap, gotta go finish the Bill and Ted volume one cover.

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