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I wrote a massive, two hour post the other evening during a break from the table, and when I hit :submit" or "Send" or whatever it was, the blog faded away as usual, and then never showed up on the Journal. I know, I should be writing these things off-line, but I started a very short update and it blew up like Shelly Winters and the next thing I knew I was ranting away. Sarah's setting up a new system of updating that'll save my work if things break down.

Anyway, can't recall everything I wrote about, and don't feel like re-writing it all in any real way, shape or form -- but it covered the latest Comics Journal Special, the Mike Sekowsky issue of Alter Ego (and why I despise Roy Thomas Part 247), the latest issue of Comic Book Artist (and a rant about the creepy, fanboy ickiness of the inclusion of cheesecakey sad fanman cosplay photos of girls in Catwoman and Harley Quinn get-ups), some movie stuff, some work stuff, some plugging, and an update about another local appearance we're doing soon.

It's the Hawthorne High School comic show (doesn't seem to have an official name, actually, going by the invite), put on by the school's comic club, in the tradition of the old Ramapo HS school shows co-organized by Allan Rosenberg. very nice, old-school (literally, in this case, I guess) comic shows with some creators signing stuff and selling stuff in a family-friendly atmosphere, along with auctions, student art contests, etc. The show is May 8th, from 10 am to 4 pm, the school located at 160 Parmelee Ave, Hawthorne NJ, 07506. Haven't seen a web presence yet, if/when I get more info I'll pass it along. Like I said, a nice old fashioned "comics are fun" type of show is expected, I enjoyed the Ramapo shows, they didn't make us any money, but they were pleasant and chummy and small and best of all a nice break from the multi-media carnival nightmare that San Diego and the Wizard shows represent, and the smart-ass, cliquish small press shows like SPX and Mocca. Not that I don't get a kick out of the circus and the clubhouse shows, it's just nice to see a bunch of kids and parents looking at art and comics without being trampled by Stormtroopers, confronted by half naked booth bait, yelled at by hucksters, etc. You won't find much in the way of art comics, but if you're a general comics fan leaning towards older comics, you might enjoy a stop by. Again, I'll try to find out what the guest list is like besides Sarah and I, I expect a mix of mainstream vets, older creators, and newer folks breaking in to the genre scene, judging by past Ramapo shows.

Otherwise, I wrapped up the inks on the Mad gag strip a little while ago, Sarah's cleaning it up and sizing it for the art department and we should be done with that sometime later today (it being early Monday morning). I'm onto a Nickelodeon bit and have started collating my notes to finally tackle the Adult Swim pilot.

Went to see a matinee of Hellboy on Sunday. Liked it a lot, didn't love it. Some kinda pedestrian choices made along with the nice Mignola material, too much hellhound/Sammy monster stuff for me, the monsters were too run of the mill and were used too much. Heroes were a lot of fun and fairly fleshed out (Liz Sherman seemed a bit forced into the movie, and Selma Blair seemed a bit young, but if someone never read the comic, they probably wouldn't care), villains nicely art-directed but they were abandoned as characters and made little impact because of the limited screen time and downplayed presentation (which I didn't mind, thank heavens for the lack of leering, threatening, maniacally laughing villains -- still, they needed more presence, for lack of a better word, I guess). Effects were decent enough, the Lovecraftian sky monster stuff worked for me, and the CGI didn't annoy me as much as in the usual computer-thon flick (the use of suits intermixed helped, in fact, I thought some of the mechanical work/suitwork worked better than the animation.) Don't really care much from the "fanboy" POV that they collapsed, reworked, restructured some of the comic book details and relationships, etc, most of it made movie-sense and they managed to really kep a lot of the comic's feel and design, if not the Dave Stewart color palette. A movie's a movie, and a comic's a comic, and while I didn't enjoy the film as much as the comic series, I did enjoy it with some nitpicks and whatnot (mostly some sluggish pacing and payoffs, really). The audience, with a lot of kids, seemed to like it, laughed at the right places, some folks even cheered Hellboy a few times, like an Indiana Jones film. With all the backstory and exposition mumbo jumbo out of the way, a sequel could move faster and work even better (kinda like how Blade 2 is a better machine than Blade, also, it's not as lunkheaded, but that's another matter). I'd like to see a sequel, personally.

And cripes, Hellbaby was friggin' adorable.

Hope your weekend was fairly wonderful. Type at you soon.

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