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Just wanted to drop a quick line thanking all of you fine, fine folks who have expressed their well-wishes to Sarah and I on our upcoming biological experiment. Wish I could write you all personally, but I can't. So, freinds, HOF faithful thanks a lot. Very nice of you, very heartwarming. And no, having a child will not dull my anger on the internet or the comic page. It would take a blessed miracle of another sort.

Speaking of anger, I had a miserable time at the Big Apple show this past Saturday (followed, thankfully, by a fun time on Sunday). More later, maybe, when I have the time and temperment (sp). Basically, the weather was crap, the garage door broke from the springs (which snapped and went flying off the track) and slid down on me el kabong-style , catching me in the elbow and knee -- and then I almost got into a fist fight with a crazed Boston convention-promoter at the show. And business was terrible, which didn't help (but when you do mainly local shows and don't put out new stuff often, you have to take that on the chin). But getting screamed at and being threatened by a rabid comic book slob was too, too much. I was already down on comics this past week (month...year...), and this putz really, really didn't help things any. People like this goon are why I created the Eltingville Club in the first place.

Anyway, I wrote down some of what this dingus said after it blew over, so maybe I'll post it here soon. Or draw it as a strip. I dunno. I'm just wiped out from the long weekend and attempting to lift our broken garage door really murdered my arms/hands. We're effectively locked out of our garage now and it looks like it's going to be a major headache and paycheck to get it all fixed up. So, look for me to drop some original art prices soon, and add some new pieces to the list.

On the plus side, we got to spend some time with Gilbert and Jaime Hernandez, talked to plenty of very nice readers who stopped by the table, and I got a small batch of funky old 40's, 50's and '60's kids comics in a trade for a drawing, along with Love and Rockets #1, the only issue I don't have (besides the b&w self-published issue). Got some books signed by Jaime and Gilbert as well as Kim Deitch, who looked pretty bored most of the time given the mainstream slant of the show. Toys, toys, toys, unaffordable old comics, toys, bootlegged DVDs, porn, low-rent indy wrestlers and a car model. Go, comics as a medium and form of entertainbment in their own right. Go...go...go...

I actually will be doing one more signing this year, on October 3rd, I'll be at the New York is Book Country event, sitting at the JIm Hanley's Universe set-up. I don't have any info as to when and where (IIRC the event is held on Fifth Avenue), as soon as I get that I'll post it. On October 2nd, they'll have Gary Panter and Neal Adams, so, I don't blame you if you go on that day and give me the air. They say there will be other guests TBA, we shall see. They better get someone else besides me on the third, I haven't put out any new books in ages other than the DHC horror releases. Hopefully JHU will have that stuff available. We shall see.

Forget cons, lets talk comics: Picked up McSweeney's # whatever it is (the comics issue edited by Chris Ware), and it's a nice solid package of comics. If you already have the previously-printed material you might want to skip this, or, you might like the new stuff and the packaging and design work and the oddball prose entries enough to want this in your collection of nifty hardcovers. If you're curious about the cartoonists involved and haven't ever picked up anything by the usual gang of anti-idiots artsy/indy scene suspects (Sacco, Ware, Clowes, Los Bros, Tomine, Burns, Spiegelman, Deitch, Brunetti, Brown, Seth, et al), $25 cover price for a thick, pretty hardcover with lots and lots of color strips is not a bad way to find out if you like, love or hate this stuff. You can probably find it a little cheaper at Amazon or at the Strand in NYC or somehwere, and your local comic shop very likely didn't even bother to fucking order the thing, despite the fact that it's selling vcery, very well and making good money for other people who sell books and comics. It's prettier and arguably a lot better than a DC Archive or Marvel masterwork, at half the price. Also comes with two mini-comics in the pouch of the fold-in Ware cover/comic which I haven't yet bothered to unfold and read. I'm sure it's very wry.

Okay, there's your sloppy comic review for the week. Type at you later.

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