Evan Dorkin (evandorkin) wrote,
Evan Dorkin

House of Fun E-bay auctions

Hello all of you out there in comic book land.

Sarah's just put up some of my original art on e-bay, if anyone's interested in looking at it just go to http://members.ebay.com/aboutme/alilena/ to see our complete listings. At the moment our auctions include a Milk and Cheese color pin-up, a hectic planet page, a Hectic planet color pin-up and the b&w line art for one of the ska comps we did a cover for. The reserves for the non-M&C stuff is pretty darned affordable, if you ask me. We also have an animation production cel on auction from our collection, a piece from Don Bluth's 1983 Dragon's Lair video game (it's a big close-up of the Princess Daphne character). I bought it in the mid-80's at a Creation Con in NYC and always meant to get it framed. I never did, and it's just sitting around, unloved.

It feels weird selling stuff off from our personal collection, I never buy things for an investement, I'm against playing the poor man's collectibles stock market. I buy what I like. But after a while, you stop liking some things. These days I've stopped liking a lot of the things I bought, and I can't keep everything out of guilt, nostalgia or sentimentality -- so in our "spare time" we've begun culling our collection and putting things aside to sell, give away or toss to the Salvation Army. We just dumped a load of comics, and I sold a huge box of Ghostbusters toys that somebody gave Sarah to someone we know. I'm getting rid of my short run of Love and Rockets doubles (the only series I ever bought two of, because I kept ruining them while reading them in the batchtub), but I'm keeping my run of #2- #50 of volume one, despite the fact that I have a lot of the trades (and several hardcover editions, and we have some of the Titan UK books...). I'm pulling my extra Deadline issues, our Eddy Current HC double, as well as a lot of issues of the Comics Journal I know I'll never refer to again (the last time I thinned that herd I threw them out, which I regret now as I'd have preferred to have given them away if I couldn;t have sold them). We're also boxing up toys and odd stuff we've accumulated over the years, I gave the Sal Army a batch of old video games and we'll be dropping off a lot of books as well, everything that's not "e-bayable" or is too much of a hassle to deal with usually goes there.

Anyway, feel free to check out the art and if you're curious, check back in the future to see any odd items we may be getting rid of in order to turn it into other stuff for the HOF.

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