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Time for an Update

Well, we're still awaiting the arrival of Baby X, which is due so soon it's terrifying. I stayed in to do some more housework tonight so I find myself with some spare time for an update.

It's been a very busy week or whatever it's been since I last updated this floating crap game, so here's the latest from the not-so-greatest:

Bob Fingerman and I were interviewed for the G-4/Tech TV program "Filter", which was a video game sort of show but is now becoming more of a pop culture thing next season. There's no guarantee they'll use either of our commentary in any of the shows, but it was fun. If you're wondering why two obscure cartoonists like Bob and I were chosen to wax idiotic about technology and pop cuklture, we both have a mutual friend at the channel. So, there you go.

I attended the Mad Magazine holiday party this past Monday, held at the very swank Society of Illustrators in Manhattan. A bit more low-key than I'd expected, it broke up before eleven or so. I was told it broke up at 9 pm last year. Sheesh. The Lighter Side of Milquetoasts. I did spend part of the evening as I expected to, i.e., sitting with Marc hempel and Amanda Conner, the only two people I knew at the party. I felt awkward because I'd only done one page for thew Magazine, and no one knew who the hell I was because I didn't know where the name badges were. I eventually did get to meet my editor, Dave Croatto, and a few other people. I avoided meeting Al Jaffee out of fan nervousness, dropped mashed potatoes on the floor, and talked to Peter Kuper about having kids. No, not the two of us, together, smartasses. I drove Amanda home, and to our collected horror we learned that Nathan's in Coney Island isn't open 24 hours anymore. What utter, utter bullshit. What the hell's happened to this city?

Hey, guess what? The first Bill and Ted's book is just about ready to go to the printers. Finally! Sarah and I finished up a bunch of stuff for the book and sent it all back to SLG today. The toning is all finished on the black and white art, there's only one page that needs a lettering correction and then SLG can send the material out. So, I'm guessing the first volume will finally see shelfspace sometime in February. I'll let you folks know when I have more info on a release date.

I heard from a source affiliated with DC that one reason my Metal Men series was canned was because the scripts were deemed "too goofy" by a power-that-be. That's right."Too goofy". The Metal Men. If that's true, I guess I should've had Platinum get raped and killed by Chemo while she was going to have Tin's clockwork baby. Or maybe someone should've read my pitch more closely before they approved it. In case you hadn't noticed, I'm still pretty sore about the whole thing.

Through the help of my world-wide network of spys, Sarah and I have managed to get a hold of all three Ron Rege Jr giveaway vinyl figures designed for the Tylenol "Ouch Twins" promotion. Said figures produced by Critterbox. I like Rege's art a lot (sometimes moreso than his actual comics, truth to tell), and I really am happy we managed to get these, as I'm a complete sucker for sharp-looking vinyl toys, especially as designed by comics artists I like. Which is why I blew a ridiculous amount of money pre-ordering a new, limited Jim Woodring vinyl (with Sarah's encouragement). I really don't buy many toys anymore, and we're getting rid of a lot of our stuff, but this was something I just couldn't pass on. Why? Because I'm a saddikins fanboy. But I can't wait for it. Oh boy oh boy oh boy!

Well, on the work front it looks like I will definitely be doing the art for at least one strip for Maxim U.K. They've mentioned the possibility of it being an ongoing thing, but I'm not coutning on anything at this point. I'm going to be doing some writing for an upcoming Simpson tie-in book, a new entry in the Harper Collins "Simpson's Library of Wisdom" that Bongo is producing. I've been asked to contribute some gag stuff to an indy humor comic being planned for 2005, I have two pages to finish up for the now-late Biff Bam Pow (sorry, Dan!) and I'm putting together a two-pager for Mad that hopefully will pass muster and be accepted. I'm pretty much biding my time until the baby is born, doing what I can in-between house chores and baby preparation. When things "settle down" I want to finish off the languishing pilot script and then tackle this other stuff asap, so I can try to fit in the M&C three-pager I'm supposed to do, and try to get something moving on one of my own projects if time and money allows it. I expect this to be a rough year, but I'm hoping I can gear up and get a lot of projects done, for both personal and financial reasons.

Comics plug time: I heard from someone at Humanoids that there will be a continuation of the DC/Humanoids Chaland releases, at least two more volumes worth. Which means volume 3 will contain material not yet released in English here, for which I am eternally grateful. Now if only it was going to be printed in the larger hardcover format like the original editrions, or the earlier Humanoids translations. But, any translated Chaland is a gift, so I won't complain. Much.

I've been reading Marvel's latest Essential collection, which is called The Monster of Frankenstein or something silly like that. I almost tossed it, because it was pretty f'ing bad, and grossly over-written, and dull, with the usual Essential reproduction problems and glitches. But I got up to the part where Doug Moench starts writing these Frankenstein's Monster stories, and the titular sap is now in "modern" 70's NYC, and the comics are now so spectacularly f'ing bad, that it's been thouroughly entertaining. Especially since I didn't pay for this hulking turd. If I have time I'll post a full review of this stitched-together rack of crap. This shit is funnier than anything I've ever written.

And finally, our cat Pixel has been doing better. We took him back to the vet Monday because of a new eye problem, unrelated to his heart/thyroid troubles. He had suffered a superficial scrape, possibly from airborne dust when I was sanding wood downstairs. He's been on eyedrops since then, which have improved things quite a bit. He's also on pills for the thyroid condition, and we'll have a better idea of how he's doing in a month or so. But he seems happier, we're doing what we can to help him, and his condiiton is treatable, so it's been a bit of a relief.

Okay, that's it for now. Thanks for the kind words re: the Urbz strip, btw. I'll be back here asap, depending on how things go with our still-wrapped holiday bundle. Hope everyone's having a bearable holiday season, type to you soon.

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