Evan Dorkin (evandorkin) wrote,
Evan Dorkin


Twink is a picture book and compact disc by one Mike Langlie, released last year or so by Dyspepsidisc. The book is about a rabbit and his toy piano, it's, like most storybooks, simple and, unlike many storybooks, adorable as all get-out. It's a beautifully printed and designed 32-pg little pantomime. The disc is an oddity, 25 songs built around the toy piano, accompanied by accordian, autoharp, hurdy gurdy, see n' say, xylophone, flute, banjo, slide whistle, finger cymbals, rhythm machines, squeak toys. Not as pretentious or experimental as you might fear, it's really nifty sounding stuff and along with the booklet is a beautifully designed little package every little kid should have, and every big kid would be crazy not to like. The contact info for the publisher is http://www.dyspepsidisc.com

I think this would make a fine gift for your son or daughter, niece or nephew, your sweetie or yourself. Fans of James Kochalka would very likely dig this, fans of children's books, toy pianos, avante garde but not avante pretentious music, etc. It's described as "whimsical", a word that usually means obnoxious, but this really and truly is whimsical in the best sense. And it's just plain f'n cute. If you don't like it, you're some kind of a creep.

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