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Latest HOF e-bay auctions

FYI, Sarah's placed a few more auctions of our stuff up on e-bay -- this round features the last of the current crop of color M&C pin-ups and some more band art (two lots of b&w originals paired with their painted cel counterparts). As for items culled from the HOF collection, we have available a copy of Ted McKeever's swell Eddy Current hardcover collection from '91 (it's a double, not a dumper), a page of art from the late, possibly lamented 80's DC series Blue Devil, and an original piece by Kyle Baker of two legion of Super-Hero villains or something from a Who's Who project, again from DC and from the '80's. Sorry, you loyal Legion fans out there, even though the piece has the character's names on it, I still don't know who the !$@^ they are. Even my Eltingville-like powers have blind spots. The Legion is one of them, by choice.

Anyway, them's what's ups. Thanks for a moment of your time in allowing us our internet advertisements. And now -- back to whatever show you want!

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