Evan Dorkin (evandorkin) wrote,
Evan Dorkin

Watch "Welcome to Eltingville" On Your Computer

Sarah recently posted a link on her Jinjur site to the Youtube video website where someone had uploaded the Eltingville pilot. I tried to bring the link over from her post but I couldn't do it, and I kept forgetting to ask her to post it here because we've been busy, so I went to the actual site and got a neanderthal-type dumb-ass link for the damned thing. So, if you wish, you can watch our first failed Adult Swim pilot after clicking here:


Also recently added to Sarah's blog, and sort of Eltingville-related: A custom jumper she made for the baby, fashioned from an Industrial Light and Magic (crew?) t-shirt featuring Boba Fett's head. A nice clean professional link to Sarah's journal appears on the right.

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