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Uberbot Holiday Heroes Custom Munny Auction this Dec 16th

Who is this handsome little fellow? Why, it's the Surf Mummy, goodness me. If memory serves, we haven't seen you since the Art Asylum Mini-Mates show, old bean. To be honest, we thought you were dead. What's that? You are dead? Whoops! Oh dear, oh dear...

Surf Mummy with mummified surfboard

All hail the return of the vaunted Surf Mummy! This is our custom Munny design for the Uberbot Holiday Heroes charity auction, which will feature a number of customized Munny figures designed and built up by comic book creators such as Phil Noto, Dan Brereton, Dave Johnson, James Jean, and Mike Allred. The Surf Mummy was executed almost entirely by Sarah, from our design, with a few bits by me on the paint and the under-drawing and stuff. I think she did a swell job seeing the design through, and I hope someone wants him enough to bid on him. The auction goes up on December 16th, proceeds go to Toys for Tots. Why not give the creepy dead Munny directly to a kid, you may ask? Because that would be silly, I would answer. Munnys aren't cheap, and can buy many toys for needy tots. One hopes. We have no idea what the starting bid on something like this would be, or what they're expected to go for. Anyway, don't ask such silly questions.

If no one wants him we may bid on him, because I will miss him. We only knew him a short while, but he has wormed his way into our hearts and stomachs. Sniff. You can see more photos of the little orphan Surf Mummy, his mummified surfboard, tattoo and exposed brainmeat here.

The Uberbot site is here and the page for the Holiday Heroes Munny auction, featuring a contributor's list and other pertinent information, can be found here.

Thanks for your time and attention.
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